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Sealing Wax Seal Stamp

Sealing Wax Seal Stamp

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gewicht: 35G

Wax Seal Stamp Set: Candle Kit Making

Wax Seal Stamp: Wax Seal Stamp

Use3: wax stamp wedding

Use2: wax seal

Use1: wax

Use: sealing wax

Type4: wax for stamp

Type3: waxing kit

Type2: wax lacres

Type1: wax beads

Type: wax beads

Sealing Wax: Sealing Wax

Scrapbook Crafts: Scrapbook Crafts

Origin: Mainland China

Origin: Mainland China

Modelnummer: Sealing Wax

Materiaal: Wax

Clear Stamp 2021: Clear Stamp

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